Midwife Crisis

I’m sure you’ll agree that all the children in KS1 did an amazing job in their Christmas show this year. They worked so hard to learn their lines and all of the songs and they were very proud to perform on stage in front of their parents and grandparents. Thank you for all of your support with providing costumes.

This week has been fairly hectic with performances and we are also rehearsing for the Christingle Service on Monday. We had some much need relaxation time on Thursday morning with a session of yoga.

This term seems to have flown by and it’s amazing to see how much progress the children have made since they came to us in September. We hope that you all have a very happy, healthy and relaxing Christmas.


Just a Minute

This week we have been talking about the days of the week and learning to recognise a minute as a unit of time. We read ‘ Mr Wolf’s Week’ and together, made a picture for each day of the week in the story. We have looked at the second hand on a clock and timed each other to see how many things (such as hops or star jumps) we could do in a minute. The children have written diaries for the week and made their own watches.

The children have been very busy making cards and biscuits to sell at our Christmas Fayre this evening.

In literacy, the children wrote invitations to our school play. We hope you’ll be able to join us!


This week we read a lovely book called ‘The Donkey’s First Christmas’ about a work-shy donkey who is given the very important job of carrying Mary from Nazareth to Bethlehem. We then talked about the long journeys which we had been on and the children produced some fantastic writing, describing where they have been and how they travelled. Strangely, no one had been very far on a donkey!

In maths, we have learned about money and identifying different coin values. The children have enjoyed counting pennies, buying things in the shop and coin rubbings.

Continuing our nativity theme, the children used paper plates to make manger scenes and angels which look lovely up in the classroom. We have also started making Christmas cards to sell at the Christmas fayre next Friday.

We have loved being in our pyjamas today. Thank you for all your kind donations which will go towards buying equipment for school.

Christmas is Coming!

Our Experience Outcome this half term is our Christmas play ‘A Midwife Crisis’. Most of our learning is geared towards our outcome so we have been looking closely at the Nativity and the characters in the story. The children have produced some wonderful writing which many shared with the rest of the school in Sharing Assembly this week. Everyone enjoyed taking part in some role play games which helped them to put themselves inside the heads of the main characters and helped them with their speech bubble writing.

In maths we have been learning the names and properties of 3D shapes. We have been printing, rolling, building and sorting 3D shapes. We’re even playing 3D shape games on the whiteboard and IPads. Perhaps the children could look for 3D shapes around the home and impress you with their shape facts!

Kind Hands, Kind Feet, Kind Words

This week is Anti Bullying week and we have been talking about kindness. The children did some writing about being a good friend. There were lots of suggestions ranging from ‘giving someone a hug’ to ‘sharing a biscuit’. We had a lovely circle time today where the children passed a heart around the circle and told the person next to them something nice about them.

We also learned all about Diwali and the story of Rama And Sita. The children have been using puppets to retell the story and sequencing the story using pictures. They have been very creative with the chalks outside, designing Rangoli patterns and also writing invitations and lists for a Diwali party.

In maths, we started the week learning about height and ended with ‘more and less’. The children have been measuring and ordering animals, making buildings outside and comparing their height and measuring each other for party clothes in the role play area.


This week we have been learning about Remembrance Day and we read the book ‘Where The Poppies Now Grow’ by Hilary Robinson. We also watched the short animation ‘Poppies’ and the children chose a scene from the film to write about.

In maths, we have been practicing measuring and learning about longer and shorter. Children made playdough worms and compared their length. They looked at and compared 3 different lines on the playground. They estimated that the most wiggly line would be the longest and then checked by walking along the lines and counting their steps.

Our home corner is now and Indian themed ‘party house’ and the children have loved dressing up, dancing and preparing party food in there.

This morning, the children were very respectful in our special Remembrance Day assembly. They listened carefully and observed the 2 minutes silence.

Rehearsals for our Christmas production have begun in earnest and the children are doing a great job of learning the songs, ready for their performance later in the term.

Remember, Remember…

This week we have been thinking about bonfire night and firework safety. The children made firework safety posters and enjoyed making up dances and music outside. They have done some firework printing and made patterns using pastels on black paper.

In maths we have been practicing counting and taking away one.

In PE, we practiced dribbling the ball and worked hard to keep control of the ball using different parts of our feet.